Whole30 Recipe Roundup (halfway point)

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Hello there. Are we having fun yet? It’s half way thru the #JanuaryWhole30 and after an intense couple of weeks I am finally feeling some “Tiger Blood” and suddenly everything is much, much better. Headaches are gone, sinus weirdness, gone. Funny tummy is all calm and happy and my angry skin looks better. I’m sleeping like I was drugged and have more and more real energy during the day. Does this mean that I don’t want a glass of rose on a warm summer’s night? Helllll NO! There are a few moments in the day where I am slightly triggered to reach for my old “reward” foods.

My partner is also doing a Whole30 and we were realizing that we reward ourselves with an alcohol beverage at the end of a challenging day. Or a great day. Or a mediocre day or an especially miserable day! We use this drink to chill us out and slow us down so we can feel relaxed. What I love about Whole30 is that it becomes very obvious what my “reward” foods are and just what a grip they have on me. This awareness gives me the opportunity to consider if I would like to change things up. The last 2 weeks without my relaxing wine has been ok. I am finding other ways to relax and feel chill which are also pretty great. But more on that later!

I want to share with you the best part so far, the food! I have eaten some very delicious food during the last 2 weeks of Whole30 and I wanted to share my favorite recipes with you. Part of the fun of doing Whole30 is being inspired my so many new food bloggers, books and the Realplans app which has introduced me to so many great recipes.

You don’t have to do a Whole30 to enjoy these recipes they are basically just delicious and you will find them easy to make as well. Let me know which ones you try! Tag @the.remedy.project on instagram.

Whole30 Recipe Roudup (halfway point)

Summer Mexican Soup @the_remedy_project

This soup is a staple of my freezer and we eat it often. Full of seasonal summer vegetables and It is so nice on a rainy summer day. I love having something healthy and nourishing is in the freezer in case my meal plans change.

Roasted Sausage with Potato and Peppers adapted from @bitsofbbskitchen

I love this dish!  It is so easy and gives me that carb boost that I need to get thru the first couple of weeks of Whole30. Prepare this, chuck it in the oven and while it cooks you can do other things. Like relax. Serve this along with a nice green salad or green beans and you will be winning dinner. Even the teens are into this one.

Eggplant Torta (adapted from a Realplans recipe)

This recipe was served up to me in my Realplans meal plan and to be honest I really was skeptical. I think it was the eggs? Thank goodness that I made this because it is now hands down one of my favorite meals. I changed up the tomato sauce because the Spiral Foods makes this perfect sauce and all the hard work has been done for you. You could use another sauce or make your own but make sure it is Whole30 compliant (no sugar or additives). This makes a great lunch if you whip it up the night before. Serve along with a handful of rocket with vinaigrette.

Simple Summer Frittata @the_remedy_project

This is one of my clients favorite recipes as well as on the blog. It’s an easy light dish that I have relied on so often as it is quick protein and vegetables all in one. Perfect for work lunches or those summer picnics.

Slow Cooked Wild Venison Chili @the_remedy_project

Ok, this is the chili. I have made this chili about a hundred times in my life. I use venison because my husband has a beef allergy and we get amazing wild meats here in Wellington (Commonsense and Moore Wilsons) so it is a perfect replacement. I have also used beef or pork to make this chili and the results are great. I make a double batch and then freeze into individual pie dishes for quick servings. So yummy served on a oven roasted kumera!

And lastly, the most amazing Caesar Salad from @NoCrumbsLeft. I have no photo because I made this to take to a 2 day conference and made a mess of everything but YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS SALAD. THE DRESSING WILL HEAL YOUR LIFE. I think that is all that needs to be said.

Enjoy and tag @the.remedy.project so I can follow your recipe making


X Hadley


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